Matching Your Top Choice Middle School

Are you the parent of a 5th grader?

If so, you probably just completed the process of ranking preferred middle schools. And if you're like many other 5th grade parents, you spent last month confused - trying to figuring out the best strategy to get your child into their (or your) top choice school.

After weeks of thinking about the process, and especially after watching this video that explains the system (as applied to matching med schools grads to residencies), I've come to a conclusion:

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DOE Changes SHSAT: The Good, the Bad and the Unfortunate

On Wednesday evening, the DOE announced changes to the 2017 SHSAT. As expected, the Scrambled Paragraphs section was removed. The rationale for this change was that these questions were not aligned with the Common Core, and consistent with this reasoning the Logic section was also removed. These two sections will be replaced with questions on punctuation and grammar.

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SHSAT Summer Study: Time for a Test?!

Has your child used some of the first weeks of summer getting better prepared for the SHSAT?

If so, now may be a good time for a full length practice test!

There are full length tests in most of the commercially available study guides. Or you can use one of the two published by the DOE in the Specialized High Schools Handbook.

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Can my child get into Brooklyn Latin?!

Understanding an alarming – and misleading - statistic in the High School Directory.

On page two of the New York City High School Directory is a section titled “Navigating High School Admissions”, whose first section is aptly “Understand Admission”. On the next page is introduced the seemingly important issue of “seats” available for 9th graders at each the school.

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