DOE Changes SHSAT: The Good, the Bad and the Unfortunate

On Wednesday evening, the DOE announced changes to the 2017 SHSAT. As expected, the Scrambled Paragraphs section was removed. The rationale for this change was that these questions were not aligned with the Common Core, and consistent with this reasoning the Logic section was also removed. These two sections will be replaced with questions on punctuation and grammar.


What This Means


The Good:

A straightforward test of grammar instead of the arcane Scrambled Paragraphs is almost certainly an improvement. This is especially true in the context of time spent on prep – as getting clear on the elements and rules of grammar should make students better readers and writers.


The Bad:

The test is now longer by 30 minutes and 19 questions - and all of this extra time will be spent on field test questions that are not part of your child’s test score.


The Unfortunate:

The Logic section, an oddball collection of brain teasers, was both interesting and fun for most students. It will be missed.


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