The SHSAT is Changing Again! 

The DOE announced additional changes to the SHSAT. These changes will be in effect on the exam in October.



1) The Reading Comprehension section will now include literary passages and a poem. 


This is significant! Prior tests had only informational texts from history and the sciences. 


2) The number of questions in the "new" Revising and Editing section will be reduced by half (from 20 to 10). 


This "brand new last year" section now accounts for less than 10% of the exam.



I think the test just got harder. Answering questions based on a passage from a novel presents special challenges. In my experience prepping students for the SAT, ACT and Hunter High admissions test, students find literary passages harder than informational ones, and those based on poems the hardest of all.



But is this a bad thing? Last year's changes clearly made the test easier and likely inflated scores. This year's more challenging material may just reestablish the old baseline.

edward antoineComment