Is NYC School Choice a "war zone"?

A recent Salon article, provocatively titled “NYC’s high school wars”, bemoaned the difficulty of the NYC High Schools Admissions process. It took special aim at Stuyvesant and other Specialized High Schools. The author recounts a grueling tour of Stuyvesant as evidence of this difficulty.

But admission to the Specialized High Schools - because it’s based on one test - is the simplest part of the process.

Heads up – you don’t need to tour Stuyvesant to know it sends 25% of its graduates to Ivy League colleges, and your child doesn’t need a tour to ace the SHSAT!

Many believe that Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and the other Specialized High Schools are a direct route to upper middle-class affluence, a secure social position (and potentially wealth and/or political power). If you feel you need to be concerned about that for your child, buckle-up, and have them start studying for the SHSAT now! If thankfully not, relax a bit, as there are a number of good choices - for you and other parents.

edward antoineComment