What can my child do NOW to prep for the SHSAT?

A parent asked me this weekend, “What can my child do now to start prepping for the SHSAT?”


I’m asked this often during the six months when my courses are not running – from November through April. For some the answer is start tutoring – either individually or in a group - but for most I emphatically say, “Focus on schoolwork, and get ready for the state tests in April and May.”


I say this because I think six months is plenty of time to prep for the SHSAT. I offer courses that start in May and finish six months later, just before the test in October. And I firmly believe that if that’s not enough time, it’s because the student has fallen behind in their schoolwork or not pushed themselves to excel. The best place to address either is in school.


Most students fall into one of the two aforementioned categories: they’ve been keeping up academically and will be ready in May to prep for Brooklyn Tech or Brooklyn Latin, or they’ve pushed to excel and will be ready to prep for Stuyvesant.


Every year a few students take my diagnostic exam and score high enough that I suspect that could take the SHSAT today and be admitted to one of the specialized high schools. This always seems to be the result of genuine interest in and/or concerted attention to their academic work. I don’t recall the parents of any of these kids telling me they’ve been prepping in advance.

edward antoineComment