Why can't my 'straight As' student break 1400 on the SAT?!

I call it "the wall", the range between 1360 and 1390 where many students get stuck - as their scores stop improving quickly.

It's not all bad. About one third of my students hit the wall this past spring, but after an average improvement of 220 points; they were not displeased. And my experience suggests that a relatively strong reader can score 1350 by learning grammar rules and the academic material in math.

But what's missing for those truly exceptional students, whose hard work has translated into great grades at the best school... but still hit the wall?

In my opinion, what's missing is "intimacy" with the test... they're not yet saying, "I knew you'd ask that question as soon as I turned the page... and the answer is yes (!) --- I mean B."

It takes time to build that relationship, and it helps to have someone who already knows the test that well provide an introduction.

edward antoineComment