College Essay Writing Workshop


Students in the college essay writing workshops will meet in a group of four, five or six. Groups meet twice a week for two weeks. 


We believe students learn creative and expository writing skills more effectively when they collaborate in a small workshop environment--reading exemplary texts, drafting, and editing together. In contrast to students writing and revising individually, those in workshops are better able to improve their essays after dissecting and analyzing the work of their peers. In effect, they see what they like and don't like in the other students' work, and learn how to apply those insights to their own writing.


Meet Daniel Penny

Daniel Penny is a writer and an editorial staff member at the New Yorker. His work has been published in the New Yorker, the Paris ReviewBoston ReviewThe New Republic, and elsewhere.

He is also a professor at Parsons School of Design, and has been teaching writing at Parsons and Columbia since 2015. A native New Yorker, he attended Bard High School Early College for high school. He has a BA in English from Grinnell College, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 - Finding a Tension

Lesson 2- Building a Structure

Lesson 3 - Putting Together Paragraphs

Lesson 4 - Polishing the Final Draft

Course Dates

Each workshop has 4 meetings on Tue and Thu from 6 to 7pm.


July Workshop Dates: 

Tue 7/3   |   Thu 7/5   |   Tue 7/10   |   Thu 7/12


August Workshop Dates:

Tue 8/14   |   Thu 8/16   |   Tue 8/21   |   Thu 8/23