30 Years of SAT Experience


Our goal is always to help your child achieve an exceptional score or exceptional improvement. We define these respectively as a score of 700-800 or an improvement of 100+ points per section.



Excelling on SAT math is based on understanding the "math patterns". On the most challenging questions, students must know (at a glance) what the solution method will be - even before knowing what the question is asking. They are taught to recognize these repeated patterns and the most efficient solution method to use to solve each problem type.



Most students have little trouble reading the passage. Most also (when they take the time) have little trouble answering the questions. What bedevils almost all students, however, is finding their answer among the choices as presented by the test.

This makes the ultimate challenge on SAT Reading questions: “How to avoid picking a wrong answer while in the process of searching for the one that is right”?  And that’s where we spend most time with students - developing the skills needed to find the correct answer in an unfamiliar form, and learning a process to eliminate wrong answers that might seem attractive.



The writing section catches most students off guard, but is the the easiest to improve. Little time is spent in school discussing grammar, but once they start looking for the basic grammatical structure tested they find it relatively easy to spot the errors.



The essay is the most familiar part of the test. Although the SAT essay presents a very specific task, the skills required mirror those used for most class assignments.


Set Up Your Tutoring Session 

Outline of an SAT Prep Course

To achieve an exceptional score: 700-800 in each section

(or improve 100-200 points per section)

Primary Study Material:

8 practice tests published by the College Board

STEP 1 (6-8wks):

Learn the material on the College Board Tests - do and review every test

STEP 2 (4-6wks):

Performance Training - drill through the tests

STEP 3 (2-4wks): 

Validation - take proctored practice tests