Over the Past 15 years Antoine Education has helped hundreds of students prepare for the SHSAT and gain admission to the NYC specialized high schools. Our commitment is that every child gets in and we invite you to compare our record of success with any other provider of SHSAT classes or tutoring.

Our experience with the SAT extends back more than 30 years. During that time the SAT has been revised three times, but the way material is presented and tested has remained remarkably unchanged.


Should my child take an SHSAT Diagnostic Exam?

The SHSAT diagnostic is an opportunity to determine where your child stands in relation to acceptance at one of the Specialized High Schools. The diagnostic session is also an opportunity for you to learn exactly how the selection process works. 

Have you heard there’s a crazy scoring system that rewards students who focus on one section? Well yes there is, and I’ll explain how it works - as well as when it does and doesn’t matter.

Your child's diagnostic will be graded immediately after taken, and we’ll discuss what the score implies about admissions and suggests as a program for preparation





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I highly recommend Ed Antoine. He helped both of my children prepare for the SHSAT. He was accurate in his assessments; he carved out efficient plans to meet their needs; he found creative solutions to scheduling issues; he was a pleasure to work with; and, both were offered seats at their target HS (Stuyvesant.)
— Joy M., Park Slope, Brooklyn

Our Mission

Behind all test preparation and tutoring is our commitment to each student’s intellectual development. We gently but persistently encourage each student to embrace calm, rational, rigorous thought and its application to academic work and standardized tests.