My Network!

The people I got to for professional services:

For Life Coaching: Sunbridge Consulting

For Healthy Eating: The Family Plate

For Chiropractic: Soulshine

For Merchant Services: Joe Sachs Automated Merchant Services

For Organization: Life Management Pros

For Insurance: Jeannie Jackson at Strategies for Wealth

For Finance: Rosanna Guardavaccaro at Strategies for Wealth

For Accounting: A. Douek, CPA

For Legal: Jay Robert at Kassoff, Robert and Lerner

For Business Brokerage: Dean Hawthorne at Transworld

For Banking: Pat Cambell at Sterling National Bank

For Books: Andrew Moore at Worldbook

For Payroll: Angel Reynoso at Paychex

For Mortgages: Guy Aboutbul at FM Home Loans